Fine Arts


Meet the Masters is an Art program that introduces students to the Master Artists and their styles. This year we will study Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Pablo Picasso, Winslow Homer, and Piet Mondrian.

As we study an artist we will watch slides and study their lives and work. This allows students to gain an understanding and appreciation for the artist’s life and how his or her experiences influenced their art.

We will then go into the art studio and learn about such things as texture, line, color, balance, shape and value. Students will have the opportunity to practice these things and then apply them to a project that uses the style of the Master Artist being studied.


This course focuses upon public speaking and culminates with a spring musical. Students are taught, voice projection (speaking and singing), public speaking techniques and improvisation skills in this hands on class. Past performances have included full-length musicals, classics such as “Anne of Green Gables”, Comedies, and short skits.

Students are also encouraged to participate in Drama Club after school.


MCA offers praise band, music, and advanced band classes.

The band program at MCA began with the opening of the new building in 2000. We started from scratch then, and each year the band has grown in quality, expectations and reputation. The students are offered the option to learn a band instrument when they begin fifth grade. They spend two-thirds of their band class time divided into woodwinds, brass and percussion for more individualized instruction. This helps build a solid foundation for when they move into junior high band, where they meet as a full band three times per week. The Advanced Band prepares challenging music for several performances each year, and the number of events at which they perform increases all the time, too. For example, they will be playing at an Indiana Music Educators' Association festival in Shelbyville, which is a really good experience, and prepares them for more critical ears.